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ODI 2018

Oregon Dairy Industries has another conference coming up just next week, and don’t worry – our booth is there!

Nether will be at the Salem Convention Center Tuesday April 10th and Wednesday April 11th for the annual conferences.

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s happy faces and getting to experience the show again. Hoping to see some familiar faces as well as new ones.












Published By: Yvonne Huerta

Spring Flowers Bring… Busy Times!

Spring time is coming up and will be here before we know it. March 20th is only 8 days away!

The time where snow melts and rain takes its place. The time where flowers start sprouting and sunshine trickles thru your window panes. The time where you don’t want to be indoors but want to be outside soaking up some much awaited Vitamin D! We won’t judge if you ditch work for a day or two. Believe me, we don’t blame you. Those gutters aren’t going to clean themselves and those cars won’t get waxed without you!

I know we here at Nether are looking forward to our monthly BBQ’s ever since we purchased a new BBQ last month. It’s been waiting for us to cook some burgers or some hot dogs on it. Come on sunshine!

Fortunately, we have so many wonderful things coming up in these next few months it’s going to fly by, starting with Oregon Dairy Industries Conferences on April 10th & 11th in Salem, OR and the Northwest Bottled Water Show on May 2nd – 5th over in Pasco, WA. Hoping to see a few friendly faces and catch up, or meet some new faces for the start of a fantastic friendship.


See you all around and don’t forget – we’re here to help YOU! So call us anytime from 7:00am – 4:00pm Monday thru Friday for your Food Processing needs.

Talk to you soon and remember to enjoy that sunshine!


Published by: Yvonne Huerta


The 6th annual ISTEM Expo was a success!

We had a line of kids the entire time to weld! The youngest we’ve had so far was 2 years old and he was a trooper. Although the smallest pair of gloves we had didn’t fit him and the welding hood couldn’t stay on without someone holding it in place, it was fantastic!

The kids brains are still developing and to see their interest in this industry makes our hearts melt. We look forward to seeing them work here in 10/15 years and laugh at the memories from photos realizing that at so young, they knew what they wanted to be.


In the photo below: our youngest future welder & the owner of Nether Industries.














*Photo approved by parent.

Published By: Yvonne Huerta

6th Annual IStem Expo, 2018

Another year is upon us for the iStem (Interactive Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)  Expo at the Enumclaw Expo Center February 8th from 4:00pm – 7:30pm.

Come see our booth and bring your kids! Our future mini welders will be the generation we depend on in the years to come.

We will have two of our trained welders to show how the safety protocol works, they will be dressed up and down in full welding attire as well as a welding hood to weld their very own piece to have for a keep-sake!  The other fascinating contraption we will have there is a egg breaking machine. Last year we had the kids break 5 dozen eggs to show them how cracking eggs in factories works in the food industry. Unfortunately we ran out of eggs, maybe this year we could get 10 dozen eggs!


Hoping to see the future mini welders next week!

IStem 2017 -3









Published by: Yvonne Huerta

New Year!

Wohoo, bring on the 2018 year! With all of us refreshed, caught up on sleep and champagne’d out – I’d say it’s about perfect to start a new year.

Good vibes are being sent out to our customers and vendors from all of us at Nether.

Happy New Year to all!


Published by: Yvonne Huerta (Sanders)

2017 Holiday Season

We here at Nether have not been able to process that Christmas is already upon us in just 10 short days. During this Holiday Season it has been nothing but busy busy busy days! As the days grow shorter in light, our minds and bodies continue to work in overdrive for hours on end to make sure the new 2018 year is prepared and going to be successful.

Just a reminder to companies who may not know – we will be closed Monday December 25th in observance of Christmas and also Monday January 1st in observance of the New Year.

We here at Nether Industries want to wish everyone a safe, joyful holiday season! 











Published by: Yvonne Huerta (Sanders)

63 days!

Only 63 days left until the new year… who can believe that? Knowing that the new year is only two months away sounds bonkers. There are so many things we have going for us here at Nether that we are fortunate for – all the upcoming and current jobs around and outside the state.

Also, Some gals here at Nether are in the process of planning a 2017 Christmas party which is still a mystery to the rest of us for what the theme is. Excitement is building up in our bones for what it’s going to be!

Last but not least – just a heads up; Nether will be closed for Thanksgiving Thursday November 23rd.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween tomorrow. Get that sweet tooth ready!


Published by: Yvonne Huerta (Sanders)

The smell of Fall and Pumpkins

Another Summer has came and went – and Fall is in the air. Now let’s be honest, Fall is the most beautiful season, is it not? The trees are changing colors, the grass is coming back to life from us not watering it all summer making it turn a lovely green color and the leaves are coating the roads like confetti.  School is back in session with the young offspring jumping at the excitement of riding the bus again with their friends. However, the parents get the real excitement. Let’s be honest, we love our children more than anything – but watching them get on the bus and go back to school gives us a little thrill that they are someone else’s responsibility for the next 7 hours.

The 2017 year that we have had has been wonderful, surprising and successful. October will be over before we know it and then within a blink of an eye – the new 2018 is upon us. We here at Nether want to wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween in the next few weeks to come. Time to get that sweet tooth ready!




Published by: Yvonne Huerta (Sanders)

Another year of ODI.

Another year done, another year under our belt and another year to look forward to.

2017 Oregon Dairy Industries Conference in Salem, OR was April 11th and 12th. We were fortunate to go to this conference again and meet with new potential customers and refresh friendships on present customers.

This year there were so many wonderful speakers thru out those two days, such as Dr. Phil Tong who spoke about the future of the dairy industries and what 30 years would possibly look like given the statistics. There was also speaker Jeff Manning; he lead the creation of the ‘GOT MILK?’ campaign. GOT MILK? is one of the best known, most influential campaigns in America and hearing him speak about how he got to that point in his career was absolutely wonderful.

We are sad to say it’s over, but with 2018 already on the books, we do have a lot to look forward to and many more interesting people to meet.


Here’s to another year of ODI completed.

4-11-17 ODI











In photo – Nik Pecheos (CAD Technician) & Yvonne Sanders (AR/Pump Services)

Published By: Yvonne Sanders


2017 iStem Expo

Well, another year done and gone. It’s been absolutely crazy over here. With 15″ of snow one week, so sunshine and 60 degrees the next. From one out of state job to another, and from one expo show to the next.

The most previous gathering we were fortunate to be a part of was the Enumclaw iStem Expo. Where student K-12, as well as their families and members of the community come to excite students about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and their connected career possibilities by engaging in hands-on activities.

Nether has been included with this since 2012 and every year our booth gets more popular, because the kids gets to weld! Their little sponge soaking brains remember us from the previous year and wait in line over and over again just to get to weld their initials again. This year we even changed our game a bit and added an egg cracker into the mix. The kids got to see how it worked and crack the eggs themselves! No mess, a lot of fun!

We are looking forward to continuing to be a company for our community to look up to.

Thank you little future welders & see you next year!


Written by: Yvonne Sanders


2-9-17 -2 stem expo 2-9-17 stem expo (2)