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2017 iStem Expo

Well, another year done and gone. It’s been absolutely crazy over here. With 15″ of snow one week, so sunshine and 60 degrees the next. From one out of state job to another, and from one expo show to the next.

The most previous gathering we were fortunate to be a part of was the Enumclaw iStem Expo. Where student K-12, as well as their families and members of the community come to excite students about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and their connected career possibilities by engaging in hands-on activities.

Nether has been included with this since 2012 and every year our booth gets more popular, because the kids gets to weld! Their little sponge soaking brains remember us from the previous year and wait in line over and over again just to get to weld their initials again. This year we even changed our game a bit and added an egg cracker into the mix. The kids got to see how it worked and crack the eggs themselves! No mess, a lot of fun!

We are looking forward to continuing to be a company for our community to look up to.

Thank you little future welders & see you next year!


Written by: Yvonne Sanders


2-9-17 -2 stem expo 2-9-17 stem expo (2)

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