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Another year of ODI.

Another year done, another year under our belt and another year to look forward to.

2017 Oregon Dairy Industries Conference in Salem, OR was April 11th and 12th. We were fortunate to go to this conference again and meet with new potential customers and refresh friendships on present customers.

This year there were so many wonderful speakers thru out those two days, such as Dr. Phil Tong who spoke about the future of the dairy industries and what 30 years would possibly look like given the statistics. There was also speaker Jeff Manning; he lead the creation of the ‘GOT MILK?’ campaign. GOT MILK? is one of the best known, most influential campaigns in America and hearing him speak about how he got to that point in his career was absolutely wonderful.

We are sad to say it’s over, but with 2018 already on the books, we do have a lot to look forward to and many more interesting people to meet.


Here’s to another year of ODI completed.

4-11-17 ODI











In photo – Nik Pecheos (CAD Technician) & Yvonne Sanders (AR/Pump Services)

Published By: Yvonne Sanders


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