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Spring Flowers Bring… Busy Times!

Spring time is coming up and will be here before we know it. March 20th is only 8 days away!

The time where snow melts and rain takes its place. The time where flowers start sprouting and sunshine trickles thru your window panes. The time where you don’t want to be indoors but want to be outside soaking up some much awaited Vitamin D! We won’t judge if you ditch work for a day or two. Believe me, we don’t blame you. Those gutters aren’t going to clean themselves and those┬ácars won’t get waxed without you!

I know we here at Nether are looking forward to our monthly BBQ’s ever since we purchased a new BBQ last month. It’s been waiting for us to cook some burgers or some hot dogs on it. Come on sunshine!

Fortunately, we have so many wonderful things coming up in these next few months it’s going to fly by, starting with Oregon Dairy Industries Conferences on April 10th & 11th in Salem, OR and the Northwest Bottled Water Show on May 2nd – 5th over in Pasco, WA. Hoping to see a few friendly faces and catch up, or meet some new faces for the start of a fantastic friendship.


See you all around and don’t forget – we’re here to help YOU! So call us anytime from 7:00am – 4:00pm Monday thru Friday for your Food Processing needs.

Talk to you soon and remember to enjoy that sunshine!


Published by: Yvonne Huerta

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