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The smell of Fall and Pumpkins

Another Summer has came and went – and Fall is in the air. Now let’s be honest, Fall is the most beautiful season, is it not? The trees are changing colors, the grass is coming back to life from us not watering it all summer making it turn a lovely green color and the leaves are coating the roads like confetti.  School is back in session with the young offspring jumping at the excitement of riding the bus again with their friends. However, the parents get the real excitement. Let’s be honest, we love our children more than anything – but watching them get on the bus and go back to school gives us a little thrill that they are someone else’s responsibility for the next 7 hours.

The 2017 year that we have had has been wonderful, surprising and successful. October will be over before we know it and then within a blink of an eye – the new 2018 is upon us. We here at Nether want to wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween in the next few weeks to come. Time to get that sweet tooth ready!




Published by: Yvonne Huerta (Sanders)

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