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We supply and stock sanitary fittings from Waukesha Cherry-Burrell (WCB-Flow Products). Fittings are available in four finish combinations of sanitary polished, unpolished, I.D. or O.D. polished only surfaces.

Fittings are available in 304 and 316L Stainless Steel, in a variety of different polish and finish combinations and come in S-line (Tri-Clamp), Buttweld, Bevel Seat, I-line, Q-line, Tube O.D. and BPE. Custom combinations are available also.

• Buttweld: Waukesha products assures dependable concentricity and dimensional correctness. This Waukesha quality creates a perfect fit and ease of weldability. Available in 1/2" through 12". Other sizes available upon request.

• Sanitary Clamp (S-line): Face-to-face, quick disconnect style produces a compact joint for closer nesting of lines. Available in tube O.D. 1/2" through 12". This product is compact, which makes possible closer nesting of lines and more efficient use of production space. Easy assembly and disassembly.

• Bevel Seat: Bevel seat connections are made up of plain bevel ferrule mating to a threaded bevel ferrule with a threaded hex nut. These fittings are designed and manufactured to withstand daily disassembly, COP (clean-out-of-place), and reassembly of process lines and equipment. Sanitary finishes and available from 1" to 4" O.D.

• I-line: Self-aligning, interlocking sanitary fittings for higher pressure, heavy duty applications. Available in sanitary tube O.D. sizes 1" through 8".