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Gaskets are an item that can sometimes be overlooked but are one of the most important parts to keep on your shelf.

We stock a large assortment of sanitary pipeline gaskets in a variety of materials and colors. Manufacturers are constantly innovating and creating options to keep up with new technologies and requirements in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. If you do not see the style of gasket you require, please give us a call and we will help you locate it.

Common gasket styles we stock are Clamp (Tri-clamp, S-line), Bevel Seat, I-line, John Perry, APC, H-line, Din, screen mesh, orifice plates or sampling ports.

Available Gasket Elastomers:

Buna - Excellent resistance to petroleum-based fluids. -65° F to 210° F.

Viton - Excellent oil and air resistance. Very good chemical resistance. -20° F to 350° F.

EPDM - Great ozone, chemical and aging resistance -55° F to 300° F.

Silicone - Abrasion resistance: Poor Very flexible low temperature. -80° F to 450° F.

Teflon - Abrasion Resistance: Fair -40° F to 450° F.

Tef-Steel - Maintains seal with wide temperature variations. -40° F to 450° F.

Poly-Ethylene - Non-odor retentive. -20° F to 150° F.

Clamp Gasket i-Line Gasket John Perry Gasket Silicone Gasket Teflon Gasket