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Repair & Service

Factory Certified: Pump Repair & Service

We offer a variety of repair and maintenance services to help keep your equipment in optimum running condition. We handle repairs for your temperature gauges, pressure gauges, homogenizer piston recoating, pump back plate resurfacing, re-vulcanizing rubber rotors, valve plugs, valve stems and replacing damaged port connections on pumps.

As a certified pump repair facility for Waukesha Cherry-Burrel we provide all aspects of repair for your Waukesha pumps. Our technician provides a quick turnaround in providing the repair estimate. We also offer a complete on-site maintenance program.

Pump Technician will perform the following:

  • Maintenance check of all wear parts
  • Inspect rotors and impeller tolerances
  • Replace product seals
  • Check and refill lubricant levels
  • Paint pump body
  • Complete pump inspection report

If your existing pump is past repair, we offer two replacement programs through Waukesha:

Program 1: Remanufacture by Exchange
Program 2: Trade In

What does your pump need? You choose!

  • Repair only what is necessary to get pump running
  • Repair problem and replace all seals
  • Complete overhaul but no cosmetics
  • Complete overhaul like new
  • Paint
  • Drill for flush